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Theme of Love.     Wolf Children

Director and screenplay co-writer Mamoru Hosoda does a remarkable job telling this strange yet compelling story of a brave and patient mother trying to make it possible for her children to make their own way in the world with their dual identities. Hats off to the Japanese animators who have created shimmering images of countryside and mountain scenes. The soothing and elegant music provides a gentle support for the unfolding drama of Yuki and Ame as they inch toward their final decisions on which world — the human or the animal — to live in. Similar to the Japanese anime films of Hayao Miyazaki, there is no villain or comic sidekick here to muck up the story.

  The movie is constantly moving, but in a quiet way.  It touches your heart, not in big moments, but with small ones.  It is a movie about love of all kinds, and while it is admittedly an idealized version of love a story of the sort of unselfish, uncomplicated love that only exists consistently in movies it is truly lovely.