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Volunteer Call for 2020 Provincial Homeless Count on March 6:   The Homelessness Services Association, in partnership with Urban Matters and BC Non-Profit Housing Association have been contracted by BC Housing to work with communities to implement the Count.  We are seeking your help to conduct the count in Gibsons, Roberts Creek, and Sechelt.  This involves attending a training session February 19 at the Sechelt Hospital boardroom and then, during the count, conducting a brief anonymous survey with people who are experiencing homelessness.   Must be between 19-70 years of age.  You can sign up at:   Amongst those of us over 70 years of age, is there someone who can volunteer to contact Starbucks and/or Tim Hortons for donations of coffee+ for the day?  Also needed by the shelter population are haircuts and nail care on March 6 -- anyone want to share these skills?