Special Vestry Meeting

Notice of Special Vestry Meeting: Church Committee is asking all parishioners to make time to attend a Special Vestry Meeting on January 14, 2018 at 11:30 am to decide on a course of remediating the church. There will be a presentation on how we will finance the cost of restoration and an opportunity for questions before votes are taken. The revised motion moved by Church Committee is as follow:
Resolutions of the Vestry of The Sechelt Parish of the Anglican Church
a. The Sechelt Parish of the Anglican Church (St. Hilda’s) proceeds with the
rebuilding of the Sanctuary as recommended by the Building Committee at a budgeted cost of $900,000, with an expected completion by the Summer of 2018, to be paid by a combination of existing parish funds, future donations and short term and long term borrowing. The total of the amount borrowed will not exceed $500,000.00.
b. St Hilda’s will commence a feasibility study for redevelopment, with partners, of the remainder of its property by the Fall of 2018.
c. The Vestry requests the Trustees and Church Committee to take all necessary steps and actions to proceed with the foregoing.

10 o'clock service parishioners are asked to arrive early to register for the Vestry Meeting BEFORE the service. 8:30 am parishioners please kindly return to register at 11:20 am. There will be coffee/tea and cake after the service but no lunch will be provided. The planned agenda is 1 hour long depending on the amount of discussion.



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