Wrongs to Right Study

Book Study of Wrongs to Rights: 2nd & 4th Tuesdays January through March from 3-5pm in the Gathering Rm. Honouring the call of Indigenous peoples from around the world, Canada's Truth & Reconciliation Commission has specifically summoned, not only the State, but all churches to embrace the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. But what is the Declaration? And how might it gift and re-orient Christian faith and practice?
In Wrongs to Rights, over 40 authors from diverse backgrounds - Indigenous and Settler, Christian and Traditional - wrestle with the meaning of the Declaration for the Church. With a firm hold on past and present colonialism, the authors tackle key questions that the Declaration and the TRC's call to "adopt and comply' raises: What are its potential implications? Can it facilitate genuine decolonization, or is "rights talk" another form of imperialism? And what about real life relationships? Can the Declaration be lived out - collectively and personally - on the ground?" from www.commonword.ca/go/507
Please RSVP John or Nancy Denham @ 604-885-7373 Cost for book: $11

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