An Inner Journey (CRMC)

An Inner Journey (Contemplative Readings, Meditation and Chant)

Please note that the Inner Journey Service for the time being is in a resting stage. 

After ten years David and Stephanie Moul, who designed and led the service have decided it was time to take a break.

The ecumenical candlelit CRMC service is meditative in character and promotes peace and serenity in all who take part. It includes music and singing, interspersed with spiritual reflections, prayer and periods of silence and is of one hour duration.

This contemplative hour of prayer and chant is developed and led by the lay members of our Church.   Simplicity is the format for our hour long candlelight CRMC service.   We begin a few minutes prior to 7:00 P.M. on the 3rd Sunday of the month. 

Our CRMC service is comprised of six parts; four of which parallel the mystical meditative journey as articulated by Lauren Artress and Matthew Fox.

Part One  - Preparation for the Journey    Remembering   To the sounds of meditative music you are asked to place a lighted candle on the CRMC table in front of the altar.  Find a comfortable place to sit and remember that we are all blessed.  All that we have, all that we are is a blessing from the Divine.  

Part Two – The Journey Begins -  Releasing   After the musical prelude ends at 7:00 P.M., the first chant of the service begins.  During this period you are invited to listen to several spiritual reflections.   Following each spiritual reading you are encouraged to raise your voice in chant, in English or Latin to the simple Contemplative songs presented.  The meditative character of these beautiful, yet simple songs repeated over and over permit you to center yourself.  This time should be one of letting go, quieting, opening, emptying, or shedding.  

Part Three – Receiving     Receiving is a fifteen minute period of silence.  Having emptied, there is spaciousness within to receive the creative spiritNow you have an opportunity to silently pray, reflect, contemplate or meditate.  For those who know Centering Prayer or any other meditative form using a sacred word or mantra this time allows the mind and heart to be open to the Presence and to receive that which may be given. Receiving guidance, interior silence, a creative idea, and a sense of peace are some of the experiences that may occur.  

Part Four – Resolve     Resolve begins after the period of silence has ended and the reflections and chanting resume.    You can resolve to take a next step in your life, or come to a resolution about something bothering you.  Rejuvenation often occurs, or a feeling of rebirth begins.  You might decide to reclaim those responsibilities that you previously released, because now you have new strength to carry them.  Often a feeling of strengthening and integration occurs.  Symbolically, any insights received or problems clarified are taken back out into the world.  

Part Five – Final Affirmation     

Part Six – Going forth /Benediction  

The candles are extinguished and we quietly go out into the night.


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