Important Notice: Emergency Closure of St. Hilda's Sanctuary

A Notice from the People's Warden:

Our worship services will take place in the Parish Hall this Sunday and until repair of structural damage to the Sanctuary walls is complete.  As many of you know, water damage was discovered and Spani Construction had been contracted to evaluate and remediate the damage.  On Thursday, they uncovered more serious issues and called in a structural engineer.  After examining the damage of our space, the engineer advised us to close the sanctuary while further examination and remediation take place.  Your Rector, Warden, Building Committee and Church Committee will advise you of the plan and cost, both of which are likely to be extensive, as a plan is developed.  There may well be more news we can report about on Sunday.

As hospitality is one of St. Hilda's Mission Principles, it is our duty to ensure safety for all who gather at St. Hilda's.  We ask that you continue to remember this remediation project in your prayers.  

Peace and love.

Meg Stevens

People's Warden