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How do we find our way when one thing is ending and another thing is beginning? In the great joys and sorrows of our lives, and in the economic, political and climatic changes of our world, how do we live in the in-between? Maybe you’re wondering what’s next for you in life and what God is calling you to do. How do you look and listen for God’s leading when you’re not sure what is ahead? This in-between place can be a place full of challenge and also surprising new life. This Advent, explore the edges of life through images of edge habitat, birth, and the places where we encounter our neighbour.

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About the creator:  

Adele Finney was born into a fifth-generation farming community. She recently retired as the Executive Director of the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (2010-2016), after life in local and global ministry with the Anglican Church of Canada. Important “edge” places of learning for her have been in the theatre as actor and playwright, in the intentional Christian community Friends of Jesus in downtown Toronto, and in spiritual direction. She is married to the Venerable Gordon Finney and has two children and three grandchildren.