Meet Our Twin! Holy Trinity Mission, Bantey, Philippines

The rector has been communication with his colleague from St. Hilda's twinned parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Philippines.  Our sister mission is situated in a rather remote village in the municipality of Tadian of Mountain Province in Northern Philippines.  From Wikipedia, Tadian reported a population of 19,389 people according to the 2015 census.  Holy Trinity Mission maintains a Facebook Group page which has quite a bit of information about life in the remote mountain village.

A message from Fr. Falen Bugnosen. Deacon-in-charge from the Mission:

Hello good evening to you, Father, how are you? This is Father Falen B. Bugnosen from the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Philippines. I am the rector of Holy Trinity Mission, Bantey; Holy Innocent's Mission, Batayan and Ilang preaching station, Tadian, Mountain Province respectively. Regards to everyone there.

About us, we just have been accepted as a cluster aided parish together with Holy Innocents, Batayan and Ilang preaching station. The church in Ilang is on going hopefully it will be finished with God' s help. Please reassure our prayers with you and the congregation. God bless.

Interestingly enough, our twinned mission church is ALSO in need of renovation!  This is an open appeal letter found on Holy Trinity's Facebook page:

... Our present church building Holy Trinity Church is in dire need of renovation particularly to make it more accommodative so that it can accommodate not only 70 people but more. Honestly, we know that only a few people can enter the church building such as in weddings, baptisms, and others because it is too small for occasions.
Therefore, we planned to change the front and the right corner wall into an accordion type of door and to cement the front portion outside...

May I invite you to hold the people of Holy Trinity, Bantey, their ministries and their needs in your prayer as St. Hilda's in the coming days explores mutual ways to support each other's ministry.  


  1. Holy Trinity Mission
  2. Location of Mountain Province
  3. Vacation Bible School
  4. Fr. Falen at the Blessing of Water Works plaque 

The Rev. Clarence Li, Rector