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Supporting syiyaya for diocesan Care+Share grant: Church Committee expressed its support for St. Hilda's to partner with syiyaya Reconciliation Movement to submit a proposal to receive the diocesan Care+Share program funding for 2020-2021.

The proposal was submitted to the Standing Committee on Mission and Ministry Development for consideration on April 12, 2019. The successful applicants will be announced at the upcoming Diocesan Synod on May 24-25.

About Care + Share:

care+share was established to fund diocesan outreach programs following a resolution at Synod 2011.  Ministries included in care+share do not receive “funding”, instead they receive voluntary contributions made by parishes and individual Anglicans, sent to the Diocesan Office which forwards funds several times a year to the care+share ministry groups.

Donations given by individuals and parishes to care+share go 100% to the groups supported. The overhead for fundraising and administration for care+share is included in the regular Diocesan Budget, and not taken from donations.

Donations may be directed to both ministries or to individual societies in any combination or amount. One may give to care+share via your parish stewardship program or as an individual. Every 2 years, Anglicans from across the diocese decide which ministries to support with voluntary dollars. Selected local outreach programs get to be promoted to a broader base of support across the diocese and their ministries be regularly upheld in parish prayers.

View the application and the church’s support letter in the files below.

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Joel Oddie 3 months ago

I have once joined the organization Yarho and I have been the best member for it. We have established and make the best dissertation service razing committee and we have been supporting the Church for the schooling in the lower level.

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