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  • We are an Easter people! We believe that faith can move mountains, and that caterpillars can be transformed into butterflies. We trust that with your grace present, even the smallest act of kindness, the shortest practice of goodness, or the slightest gesture of generosity can have significance well beyond all expectations. With that faith, we rise. With that faith, we are resurrected into new life. With that faith, we give – freely and joyfully. And so now we give, out of what we have, to bless those who have not, in order to bear witness to, and to inspire, a spirit of resurrection – in ourselves, and in others. Let us flitter and fly like butterflies on the wings of the Risen Christ, beautifying our lives and our world. Amen

Although Taizé, and Contemplative Readings, Meditation and Chants - The Inner Journey services are no longer being offered there are many resources from previous Easter services that are worth sharing on this Easter Day.

The chants are here and the prayers, readings and meditations are in the files below.


             Come and Find the Quiet Center

             Show Us the Way of Compassion

             Open My Eyes

             Let Go, Let Be

             The Kingdom of God is Justice and Peace

             The Earth Does Not Belong to Us

             God is Forgiveness

             When You Walk From Here

Additionally I have included several photos of Spring - the Season of rebirth.