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I bind unto myself today the gift to call on the Trinity...  

I marvel at this business of "binding" in Christian life.  Our life is to be bound to God, and to each other.  And in our postmodern awakening that our existence is not all about us (the human species), we begin also to remember that we are bound to the earth too, as well as everything else in creation.  In our baptism, we were called to unbind ourselves to sin (our false self and the many things that "possess us" in our lives) and to bind ourselves to the life, death, and resurrection of Christ.  The glue won't stick unless the old glue is off. 

Thanks to the weavers and knitters, who save us from feeling that Christian living is all about getting stuck and unstuck.  They give us a way to see the beauty and feel the texture of our lives being bound to each other as a Christian community.  The image of binding ourselves together in Christian love while inviting others to join us weaving an ever-enlarging mosaic tapestry appeals to me because this is exactly how my time has been with you as your priest and friend in these 9 blessed years we shared together. 

You are beautiful.  You are beloved.  You are the refrain to the One who sings "I AM."  Your faithfulness, your openness, your struggles, your laughs, and your tears have created a colourful tapestry that will allow me to muse on for a lifetime.  Thank you and keep musing.