Serve in Worship 

At St. Hilda’s, we invite -- no, we urge! -- any member of our congregation to take a role in our worship.  What could this be?  We're open to all ages; no experience required!  Any "training" needed is quickly and happily provided.  

  • Read one of the Scriptural passages (we usually have a reading from both the Scriptures from the Old Testament and New Testament
  • Lead the Prayers of the People  -- click to find more information and resources. link to Prayers of the people
  • Join our choir!
  • Be a greeter (extend a warm welcome, point out facilities to guests and newcomers)
  • Help prepare the Lord's Table for Eucharist (aka altar server)* Help distribute Communion as a chalice bearer
  • Before or after services, help prepare the church for worship (setting or clearing the altar) 
  • Help with Coffee Time after the service

 If you're new to church or new to us  -- or new to any of these roles, just a quick word.  We respect your schedule and your wishes.  St. Hilda’s folk are delighted to have wide participation in worship. Contact the Rector or Wardens for more information.