Whether you would like to just drop by for a Sunday service or for one of our alternative contemplative services, or would like to join the congregation on a regular basis, we at St. Hilda's offer a warm welcome to you.

You will find the St. Hilda's congregation and clergy warm and approachable, tolerant and open-minded, diverse and eclectic, and entirely unpredictable in the best possible way. St. Hilda's promotes a culture of inclusivity and individuality within the Body of Christ, and recognizes that the spiritual journey is a deeply personal one, mystical and not governed by rules, rigid expectations or assumptions. Every individual is welcome to attend any service or gathering and participate at their own comfort level in an environment of acceptance and friendship.

If you find that our Church is your spiritual home, joining the congregation is as simple as calling or emailing Karen in the church office and letting her know. Karen will happily get you registered for the weekly email broadcast for the Sunday services and place you on the email lists for event notifications as you wish.

Contact Karen at 604.885.5019 or  admin@sthilda.ca   

At our Sunday services one of our greeters or ushers would be happy to welcome you and give you a newcomers leaflet, so you may get your bearings, if you are new to the Anglican liturgical experience.  The information in the leaflet is also found in the attached file at the bottom of the text.

What to expect if you are new and arrive on Sunday morning.

You are encouraged to dress comfortably - whether for you that means a suit, dress or jeans.

When you come in the front doors ....  you will be welcomed and encouraged to sign our guest book; copies of the worship bulletin will be available, as will large print versions of the hymnals.   If you have questions, please feel free to ask the greeters.  

If you are looking for a washroom, there is one next to the family room in the narthex (lobby) or men’s and women’s separate restrooms in the Church Hall.

In the sanctuary (main part of the church) .... you may sit wherever you would like;  you may chat with others around you, or sit quietly. 

Families with children .... The children usually stay in the sanctuary for the opening part of worship, and then, after a blessing, leave with the Sunday School teachers, who teach the children's programme.  Children return to the sanctuary in time to participate in Communion—the Lord’s supper (grape juice is available for communing). A Quiet Room is available for parents with babies and toddlers at the back of the Church.

The service with choir . begins at 10:00 am and lasts approximately 1 to 1 ¼ hour.   Communion is celebrated each Sunday, and everyone is welcome.  The only prerequisite is an open heart.  If you read music, you may prefer to use the hymnbooks in the pews:   The choir helps lead the congregation in singing, and occasionally does a special anthem during communion.  Many of the congregation remain seated and quiet for the “Postlude” at the service’s end.   

After the service....  you are invited to the church hall for Coffee Time and conversation.  

Questions    If you have any questions about your spiritual journey or just questions, in general, about the Sunshine Coast we would love to meet with you.  Our congregation and church staff are very friendly and approachable.