The Cemetery Board of The Sechelt Parish of the Anglican Church, (St. Hilda’s), was formed in February 2008 following the 2007 Annual Vestry Meeting.

The Board’s responsibilities include: developing (as required by provincial law) and upholding the bylaws; maintenance of interment contracts, cemetery and memorial garden records, and the cemetery grounds. It should be noted that full burials are no longer allowed in the cemetery.                                      

A Cemetery Upkeep Fund has been created with donations from family members of those interred as well as parishioners who choose to sign an Interment Contract.    Protocols have been established to assist parishioners and family members of deceased parishioners who wish to discuss interment of ashes in our cemetery and memorial garden.   Contact with families whose family members are interred in the cemetery and memorial gardens is ongoing.  Records have been collated and are kept on file in the office.  

A record of those interred in the Pioneer Cemetery can be viewed online

A Buddhist grave site lies at the heart of St. Hilda’s graveyard. Parishioner, Nancy Moote explains why in her article the Story of the Konishis.  See attachment.