Katherine Hume is our leader in the musical life of St. Hilda's. Our choir is active September through June, with practices every Thursday afternoon from 1:00 - 3:00 P.M. and the choir sings at the 10 am Sunday Service. If you love to sing and enjoy the company of a fun group of people - and contributing greatly to the Sunday experience - please consider joining our choir.

We sing a mixture of classic and contemporary hymns.  We use the hymnals Common Praise (1998) and Songs for a Gospel People (1987) but we also sing hymns from the traditions, sometimes amending the words to make them more inclusive and contemporary.

The parishioners of St. Hilda’s Anglican Church are keenly interested in our music for worship. The congregation joins in the singing with enthusiasm, especially when the music is somewhat familiar. Our Casavant Frères Opus 3272 pipe organ and grand piano are much appreciated, as are the excellent acoustics in the church.

The 8.30 a.m. Eucharist on Sundays uses the Book of Common Prayer, with hymns and a sung liturgy. The 10.00 a.m. Family Eucharist uses liturgies in contemporary language from a wide variety of sources, including the Book of Alternative Services and other liturgies from across the Anglican Communion. It is a sung liturgy with both traditional and newer hymns, a children song, a choir anthem after communion, and prelude and postlude. There is a strong desire to explore using music with language and imageries which reflect the inclusive theology of the parish.

The church is used for choral concerts and recitals from time to time.

Contact Katherine   music@sthilda.ca