At St. Hilda’s we celebrate marriage as a sacrament of the Church in the context of a worshiping community. The marriage ceremony takes a specific form and shape in accordance with the rites of the Anglican Church of Canada and is presided by a member of the clergy of St. Hilda's.  To find out more about Holy Matrimony in the Anglican Church, click here to download a brochure.
In 2002, the Diocese of New Westminster of the Anglican Church of Canada (of which St. Hilda's belongs to) took a prophetic role in authorizing a blessing rite for same-gender unions.  This move further opened the dialogue in Canada on equal rights for same-gender couples and has contributed to the legalization of same-gender marriages in Canada in 2005.   Since 2004, St. Hilda's has been one of the 8 Anglican parishes in the Diocese that offer same-gender blessings.  
Now, as of August 2019 Bishop Meliss Skelton has authorized a liturgy for same-sex marriages in the Diocese of New Westminster.  See her Pastoral Letter
If you are considering getting married or having your union blessed at St. Hilda's, the clergy would be happy to assist you preparing for this very special day that marks a lifelong covenant of love.  Marriage preparation is mandatory in the Diocese.  We ask you to contact our clergy as early as possible to find out what marriage preparation program would best suit you.  Before contacting the clergy, please read the Guidelines for Marriages and Blessings and our current fees by clicking these links. 

Guidelines for Marriages and Blessings
Wedding Fee Handout