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Dear People of the Diocese of New Westminster,
General Synod officially begins this Wednesday, July 10 evening with an opening Eucharist at Christ Church Cathedral. I know that many of you are watching this particular Synod with great interest given the importance of the decisions that are before the delegates. I also know that many of you are worried about the upcoming votes related to the marriage canon.
I write to ask for your prayers for all the delegates to and decisions within the General Synod (the above Collect is a wonderful starting place). I especially ask your prayers for our own delegates: Rob Dickson, Kim Hodge, Glen Mitchell, Clare Urquhart, the Very Reverend Peter Elliott, the Venerable Douglas Fenton, the Reverend Marnie Peterson and myself.
I also write to let you know that I will be issuing a Pastoral Letter after the General Synod is over about how our Diocese will be going forward in terms of the marriage of same-sex couples within the Church. The Pastoral Letter will be circulated during the week prior to Sunday, July 21 and will include a request that it be read aloud and also available electronically and in print during the Sunday liturgies.
Please know of my love for all of you as General Synod begins.