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March 10 update   See     Covid - 19 Update

There will be no Coffee or Social time after the 10 A.M service.

March 7 Diocesan communique:  Communion will be only one species.  No wine or juice will be served.

Coronavirus Safe Practices

1)      Hand sanitizer available at the Sanctuary entrance - please avail yourself of this. 
2)      During the sharing of the peace, please feel free to just put your hands together and give a little bow rather than shake hands. 

3)      The practice of Intinction (dipping the bread into the wine) will not be allowed at this time - instead you may just receive the bread alone if you are not wanting to partake of the common cup. 

From the Diocese:

1)      Educate ourselves and others about the nature of the virus.  Human coronaviruses cause infections of the nose, throat and lungs. They are most commonly spread from an infected person through the air (by coughing and sneezing), through close personal contact such as touching or shaking hands or by touching something with the virus on it, then touching your mouth, nose or eyes before washing your hands. There are currently no vaccines available to protect you against human coronavirus infection. You may be able to reduce your risk of infection or spreading infection to others by doing the following: staying home if you are sick, when coughing or sneezing: covering your mouth and nose with your arm to reduce the spread of germs, disposing of any tissues you have used as soon as possible and wash your hands after-wards, washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and avoiding touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands. As of this communique (February 6, 2020) there are four confirmed cases in Canada, one of which is in the Vancouver area. Thus, as of this date, the risk level in British Columbia and in the Vancouver area is low. 

2)      Engage in overall practices that can help prevent the transmission of disease in a parish. These are best practices for all of us at all times. Hand sanitizers, while not a complete means of avoiding viral or other kinds of infection, should be placed in strategic locations throughout the church. You are encouraged that if you feel ill, even mildly so, not to attend worship. Remaining at home protects the most vulnerable: children, the elderly, those with compromised immune systems and those who suffer chronic respiratory conditions. Home communion visits can be arranged for those who wish to receive the sacrament. 

3)      Exchanging the Peace can be done in a variety of ways: When we exchange the peace, we should always respect the needs and attitudes of others. Bowing or nodding to another person is an appropriate expression of our commitment to communal life. It is also appropriate to place one's own hands palm to palm as one bows to another person as a sign of peace.