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Hild (or Hilda, her Anglicized name), the patron of our parish was a woman ahead of her time who founded and ruled monasteries for both men and women and brokered peace between powerful Roman imperial forces and local Christian expressions at the gathering remembered at the Synod of Whitby (664 AD).  The monastery she founded in Streoneshalh became a centre for learning, where literature and the arts were encouraged and vocations were fostered.  The Ven Bede, a 7th-century historian, describes Hild as a woman of great energy who was a skilled administrator and teacher.  She had a concern too for ordinary folk.  Bede wrote, “All who knew her called her mother because of her outstanding devotion and grace.” 

In celebration of Hild, our Worship Committee has been working on a new Eucharistic Prayer that references several Celtic spiritual principles and reflects the theology our parish embraces.  The Committee is excited to unveil our latest draft at the 10:00 worship this Sunday.  This Eucharistic Prayer was crafted following these principles:Trinitarian belief;· a deep respect of nature and creation, especially “thinning places;”· quiet care for all living things; a wanderlust or migratory nature;· love of silence and solitude; praising God through everyday life with great joy;· the value of soul friends (Anam Cara) and hospitality;· the image of the Wild Goose as an expression for the Holy Spirit from the Iona Community.This prayer is a work-in-progress and we plan to seek permission from our Bishop for local/diocesan use.   

Also, please welcome ReelTime Celtic Ensemble who will be enhancing our 10:00 worship music this Sunday.  Thanks to Katherine for arranging this! 

We are so grateful to have Hild, our Mother-in-faith to model for us how to be a follower of Jesus in a changing turbulent time.  I invite you to follow Hild's example as an ambassador of Christ's reconciliation on St. Hilda's Day this year to support Bill C-262 which will be having its second reading in our Parliament on December 4.  This Bill, endorsed by our Primate (the presiding bishop of the Anglican Church of Canada) and St. Hilda's Social Justice Umbrella, asks the Government of Canada to take all measures necessary to ensure that the laws of Canada are in harmony with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  You will find more information in the bulletin and at the information table set up by the Social Justice Umbrella this Sunday. 

I bless you with ancient words ascribed to Hild of Streoneshalh:

Trade with the gifts God has given you.

Bend your minds to holy learning

that you may escape

the fretting moth of littleness of mind

that would wear out your souls. 


Peace, love, and joy.      Clarence