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Salal + Cedar will offer a 6 session course starting in September on a schedule that can accommodate the greatest number of people.  Minimum 5 participants, Maximum 12.  For those who are not regular financial supporters of Salal + Cedar or regular participants in our worship, the cost will be on a sliding scale from $30-80 based on income. 

We will delve deeply into the topics touched on in Theology on Tap:

  1. The Prophetic Tradition and Wilderness Prophets in Scripture;
  2. Women Prophets;
  3. Land, Wives and Control in the biblical Prophetic Tradition;
  4. Wilderness Prophets and Plants;
  5. Wilderness Prophets and Animals;
  6. Elijah and Elisha, John and Jesus: Prophetic Succession, Schools and Movements and our own prophetic call.

Participants are expected to attend every session if possible and to commit to some reading and experiential work prior to each meeting.  The best way to keep up with what Salal + Cedar is doing is to follow their Facebook page and to receive their weekly e-mail click HERE and fill out the online form.