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Welcome to Season of Creation! For four Sundays in September leading up to St Francis of Assisi Day on October 1, we are invited to join in celebrating with creation with Christians around the world focusing on our forest (Sep 3), land (Sep 10), wilderness (Sep 17), rivers (Sep 24), and animals (Oct 1). The idea of celebrating a Season of Creation began in the Lutheran Church in Adelaide, Australia in 2000. Now it is celebrated by many different churches all over the world.  During our worship, we shall:
  • celebrate Earth as a sacred planet filled with God’s vibrant presence;
  • unite with all creation in praising the God of creation;
  • confess our sins against creation and empathise with a groaning creation;
  • embrace our kin in creation as our extended family;
  • proclaim the good news that the risen Jesus is the cosmic Christ who fills and renews all creation;
  • go forth on a mission to be partners with Christ in the healing of creation.