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St. Hilda’s Building Committee
Project manager report
August 16, 2017

Current status
The sanctuary is still closed for public assembly, over concerns for safety and on the recommendation of the consulting engineer.
The open plan of the church has not allowed for enough structural elements to keep the roof from sagging and spreading. As a result, the east and west walls have been forced apart at the top where they meet the roof. Total deflection of the walls, side-to-side, has reached 5 inches and further deflection is likely unless action is take. There is some evidence that the rate of deflection has been accelerating. Without remediation, the building could collapse.
The building committee met with the proposed architect, consulting engineer and construction superintendent on August 15, 2017 to organize a remediation plan, including temporary stabilization and long term structural improvement.

Results of Planning Meeting August 15, 2017
Overall remediation will be divided into two components:
1. Temporary stabilization – to be implemented immediately
2. Permanent structural improvement – to be planned and implemented over a period of 2 years
Temporary stabilization will consist of stiffening the building and making it safe for public assembly. This will be achieved by installing up to 6 threaded rods (Dywidags) across the interior of the church, tying in the walls and roof side-to-side. These rods will prevent further deflection of the walls and will stop further sagging of the roof. Installation of the rods will be quick but not inexpensive. They will not be attractive and will change the aesthetic of the sanctuary. Paint and other decorative elements will help to mitigate the appearance of the rods. The temporary stabilization is required not just to make the building safe for immediate occupancy, but also to allow for safe construction during the permanent structural improvement. During this stage, the contractor and consultants will investigate the reasons for the sagging and deflection, which will help with planning for permanent improvement.
The cost could reach $45,000 to $50,000 for the temporary stabilization stage, including contractor and consultant fees. Spani Developments can commence mobilization starting this week, with stabilization and investigation being completed during September. Please note that Spani Developments is taking several steps to keep cost to the parish as low as possible.
Permanent structural improvement will require careful planning over a period of time, probably at least a year. In order to achieve an effective plan, the building committee will need an overall budget and a
sense of any additional desired changes to the sanctuary space that can be incorporated into the structural improvement plan. Permanent structural improvement will include eliminating the sag in the roof and pulling the walls back into plumb. It will also involve incorporating structural elements to support the roof for future decades. Roof maintenance will also be included in this stage.
Recommendations for immediate action
1. The following appointments are recommended, with billing on a cost and materials basis:
a. Architect Mobius Architecture Peter Treuheit
b. Engineer Allester Engineering Lyle Seeton
c. Contractor Spani Developments Ken Rushworth
2. Temporary stabilization plan be implemented immediately to make the sanctuary safe and restore occupancy for public assembly use.
3. Long term structural improvement planning be started, taking into account:
a. building stability
b. aesthetics of the sanctuary as holy space
c. flexibility of future use for the sanctuary
d. financial capability of the parish
4. Church committee strike a financial planning and fund raising task force to determine the parish’s financial capability for a long term structural improvement plan and to develop a feasible fundraising target, which can be used by the building committee for construction planning and budgeting.
Submitted by
Bruce Morris
Project Manager




Closure of Sanctuary Notice from the People's Warden (July 28, 2017)

Our worship services will take place in the Parish Hall this Sunday and until repair of structural damage to the Sanctuary walls is complete.  As many of you know, water damage was discovered and Spani Construction had been contracted to evaluate and remediate the damage.  On Thursday, they uncovered more serious issues and called in a structural engineer.  After examining the damage of our space, the engineer advised us to close the sanctuary while further examination and remediation take place.  Your Rector, Warden, Building Committee and Church Committee will advise you of the plan and cost, both of which are likely to be extensive, as a plan is developed.  There may well be more news we can report about on Sunday.

As hospitality is one of St. Hilda's Mission Principles, it is our duty to ensure safety for all who gather at St. Hilda's.  We ask that you continue to remember this remediation project in your prayers.  

Peace and love.

Meg Stevens

People's Warden