The Indigenous Drumming Circle began meeting monthly on the fourth Sunday of each month at 4 pm at St. Hilda’s in 2013. Led by Terry Coyote Aleck and his wife Christine Turenne, the sacred circle opens and closes each time with a round of sharing. Coyote and Christine teach the group traditional native songs and share stories that reveal  Indigenous culture.  He enjoys sharing teachings from his elders and other life lessons he has learnt through his own healing journey.
The monthly drumming circle gathers a diverse of spiritual seekers from the wider community. Attendance averages between 25-35.   This is a wonderful time of rhythm, song, and story. The Drumming Circle happens on the fourth Sunday of each Month, at 4pm.

Come alone, or bring a friend. This is a great opportunity to connect for people of all ages. Children welcome.
Join us at St. Hilda’s, at 5838 Barnacle Street, or call us at (604) 885-5019 for more information.