The Prayer Shawl knitting & crocheting group meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month in the Gathering Rm, 2-4 pm. 

Come and bring whatever you are working on.  There is yarn available for those making shawls or you can bring your own.  For more info, contact Corrinne at 604-741-0944 or email

Creating a Prayer Shawl is a spiritual practice., before one begins the knitting (crochet) process, a blessing, and prayer can be said, dedicating the work of your hands and the intentions of the receiver.  You may want to light a candle and play soft music to enhance your knitting time, remembering that this is a prayerful time.  When working in a group, you may want to pass the work-in-progress around the circle, asking each person to add some stitches to the shawl, or to just hold it for a while to add their prayers, energy and good wishes.   "Shawls ... made for centuries universal and embracing, symbolic of an inclusive, unconditionally loving, God. They wrap, enfold, comfort, cover, give solace, mother, hug, shelter and beautify. Those who have received these shawls have been  uplifted and affirmed, as if given wings to  fly above their troubles..."   Written in 1998 by: Janet Severi Bristow Copyright ©2022  

Shawls can be used for: undergoing medical procedures; as a comfort after a loss or in times of stress; during bereavement; prayer or meditation; commitment or marriage ceremonies; birthing, nursing a baby; bridal shower or wedding gift;; during an illness and recovery; ministering to others; graduation, birthday, anniversary, ordination, ...there are endless possibilities!

The link is a guideline when you’re selecting a color for a particular person for whom you’re knitting a Prayer Shawl.