Pastoral Care is a Ministry of Being Present for People.  It is a ministry which combines the services of clergy and lay people.

Pastoral care may not be what you think it is.  When we imagine it, we are apt to think of visiting a fellow parishioner in the hospital, or writing a card to a friend who is shut-in or convalescing.  And while this constitutes the core "acute" form of pastoral care, a broader vision sees it as supporting all those who are in need - stranger as well as friend, across the ocean as well as down the street.  Even animals, plants, and the planet itself can be seen as potential recipients of our loving, healing concern.

Communion Services at Senior residences   Monthly service at Totem Lodge, Shorncliffe Intermediate Care Facility, and bi-monthly service at Christensen Village. 

Contact: The Rector  604  993 0399