Walking the Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a symbolic path that leads a person from earth to God, a path where a person goes to reencounter God. The center of this great figure symbolizes the City of God.

Walking the Labyrinth means joining a very ancient religious practice: on path, walking, meditating and praying at times alone or with others... being a pilgrim,. the labyrinth evokes human life, its joys and trials.

The energy that can be found in the Labyrinth is within the people who walk it – praying and being touched by the grace of the moment. The pathway evokes meditation on the human existence– long, fluctuating, challenging – people can advance with confidence regarding their reconciliation.:.The process and the outcome?  it is different for everyone Walk mindfully with authentic meditation – having your body and soul become one.

There are no instructions for walking, other than absolute respect for the place: silence and respect for other pilgrims. The path is open, it does not belong to a group or a person. No attitude should interfere with and prevent this heart-to-heart which is the meaning of the whole Christian tradition.

Suggested Guidelines
Information about our Labyrinth

The Labyrinth at St. Hilda's was constructed in the Spring of 2002.  It is an 11 circuit meditation labyrinth similar to the one found embedded in the floor of Chartres Cathedral, in France .The labyrinth has been repainted several times, the last time in July 2023.  The re-painting took place during the week of July 10 to 14, as a collaborative project involving parishioners, annex guests, and the wider Sechelt community.

 It is open for meditative walks at anytime.  
The labyrinth at St Hilda’s is used by neighbours, yoga groups, girl guides, and community visitors, as well as parishioners. 

More information about the 2023 Labyrinth update   Click HERE

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