Administration and Governance

Parish Committee: Elected at the annual Vestry Meeting Committee members meet monthly to plan, carry out, and evaluate the various ministries of St. Hilda's according to the Ministry Plan and Budget.

Trustees:  4 elected members join the Wardens and Rector to provide oversight of the property.  They are the legal officers of the incorporated parish and work as part of the Parish Council.   

St Hilda’s Wardens: At St Hilda’s we have 2, sometimes 3 Wardens.  These are the Rector’s Warden who is appointed by the Rector and a People’s and possibly an Associate Warden: these last two positions are elected by the Vestry. While these individuals have the titles, they function as a Team of Wardens, whose individual skills and interests are a factor in who works on what and not the title. This is the case throughout the Diocese.

The Wardens share with the Rector in the management of staffing and operations of the Parish. They work together with the Parish Council (including Trustees) and Rector in the implementation of Parish Ministries. This is accomplished by regular meetings and communication. 

Vestry Meeting:  Annual General Meeting of the parish held in late winter.  Synod of the Diocese of New Westminster:  Annual General Meeting of the Diocese held every second year.

Office Volunteers:  Offer front line reception and welcome and assist the Administrator during Office Hours.   Contact the Office Administrator  604-885-5019


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