Turning Over New Leaves

Sometimes to move forward we need to look back. The New Leaves series looks at old sayings and turns them over to see if wisdom from our elders can guide us today. 

These sayings come from a time when we lived in “conserver” societies, rather than “consumer” societies. Canadians today consume products of the Earth at an unsustainable rate. If everyone on Earth consumed as much as the average Canadian, we would need almost five Earths to sustain us.

The good news is that we can choose to be conservers and restorers of the Earth rather than just consumers. The even better news is that these choices to go easier on the Earth don’t require us to sacrifice the things that make life worth living. Conserver choices can help us to enjoy the creation around us, live at a slower pace, enjoy better health, and pursue richer relationships with loved ones. In short, we can all choose a life abundant in living rather than in possessions.

Turn over these New Leaves for yourself and consider how you might make choices that lead to a more abundant life.